Creatively inclined born, ever since she was making bags with her mother’s sewing machine or lamps with all sort of scraps found in the house, Sara Ranieri got her degree in architecture in 2007, in the University in Rome. She passed the State professional exam and got registered in the Italian National Council of Architects (CNAPPC).

She had several experiences in Italy, UK and France where the fil rouge remains her eclecticism and creativity not only linked to its visual aspect but also to her adaptability and problem-solving capability.

Among set design realizations and visual art projects her main occupation is transform spaces.

She worked for 6 years for a General Contractor Company where she gained technical skills and a significant experience on site. This allowed her to combine aesthetic and practical aspects of her work.

Since 2019 she has been living and working in Paris as Architect Project Manager in the Retail industry.

Sara ranieri watercolour
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